What is the 2015 Model Program at Murphy Beadling?

The best way for you to save lots of money on your senior pictures! We select Models on personality, activities, and their eagerness to be a Model for Murphy Beadling. Only select people are chosen to represent Murphy Beadling Designer Portraits!

You'll save on an average of $350 on your senior pictures! Models get many perks including free Prom pictures when Murphy Beadling photographs your Prom! Earn sessions, discounts, and referral credits. You will be photographed by Murphy Beadling owner, Certified Master Craftsman Photographer, Bob Murphy.

What do I do next?

You don't have to be a perfect model size or look like you are a model. There are things much more important than that to us! We'll make you look like a model with poses and lighting found only at Murphy Beadling! Murphy Beadling Designer Portraits is a second generation studio, serving all of Ohio with fine portraiture and outstanding service.


I am interested in being a Model for Murphy Beadling Designer Portraits and being a public relations representative for them. I will NOT accept a representative position from any other photographer or studio. I understand that there are deadlines that I am obligated to meet by being a Model and will perform these to the best of my abilities. I also understand that I will be required to turn in a list of names and addresses, of at least 5 Juniors that I recommend for next year's Model Program.  Any violations will terminate any credit and program requirements that I am entitled to from referrals.

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